Easy-to-use technology designed specifically for schools

Thin client solutions are plug-and-play set up, and an automated configuration wizard designed specifically for nontechnical professionals, teachers and students can start using the computers quickly and easily.


• Save up to 80% on hardware costs
• Choose Windows or Linux OS for any combination of workstations
• Electricity cost savings will pay back for the thin clients in 2 years or less
• Reduce school’s carbon footprint by lowering electricity and A/C usage


• Computer labs – Provide clutter-free, expanded computing with less maintenance
• Libraries – Shhh! Only 1 PC provides a quieter environment
• Administration areas – Reduce support headaches
• With Classroom Control Tools, see what each student is doing on

Teachers can centrally manage and monitor the computer stations with ease

Centralized Management

• Send students messages
• Remotely take control of a student’s station
• Share files with and between students

• Create or delete student accounts, and change passwords
• Add a new application to all computer stations by installing it only once on the host computer
• And much more!

We have done work for Various Prominent Education in the last few years

Idel THIN CLIENT Models For Educational Solution
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